Brilliance loup
Brilliance loup

Intelligent Damping torque effect, Schott Glass, Refined lens coatings, Protecting Shield, Super light frame


Manufacturer: Eighteeth

Rs. 35,000.00

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Description of the item

Easy to adjust and with excellent stability, Laser printed scale lines, Accurate and Intuitive, Multilayer coating technology, Anti-fog, Anti-scrach, Anti-glare, Ensure high resolution.

Specification of the item
  • 3x magnification lopes
  • Working distance: 350mm, 400mm, 450mm and 500mm
  • Field of view: 68 mm , 76mm, 84mm, and 92mm
  • Depth of Field: ≥ 90mm, ≥100mm, ≥ 115mm and  ≥135mm
  • Net weight: 71g

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Brilliance loup
RS. 35,000.00

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