E-connect Pro
E-connect Pro

Integrate Endomotor with Apex Locator Connect Function, Autoclavable, Miniature Head, Detachable, 340° Adjustable Contra Angle


Manufacturer: Eighteeth

Rs. 48,000.00

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Description of the item

Clockwise & Counter Clockwise movement, Forward & Reverse direction of rotation, Torque Auto Reverse, Maximum Speed 1000 rmp, Editable Torque setting, Editable Speed setting 

Specification of the item
  • Torque calibration, 
  • Digital OLED display, 
  • Low noise motor, 
  • Ambidextrous display, 
  • powerful 1500 mAh Lithium Battery, 
  • Integrated Option, 
  • Screen Cast/ Mirroring.

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