E-Flex File
E-Flex File

E-Flex, E-Flex Edge, E-Flex Mini, E-Flex Path, E-Flex RT, E-Flex Blue, E-Flex Gold, E-Flex One, E-Flex Rec, E-Flex s


Manufacturer: Eighteeth

Rs. 3,000.00

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Description of the item

Extreme Flexibility: To negotiate any canal, Autoclavable, High-temperature rebound memory, These files are designed for patients.

Specification of the item


  • Fast procedure with short treatment time and a minimal number of appointments.
  • Effective debridement of the root canal without weakening the tooth structure or endangering the underlining permanent teeth.
  • Minimal procedural complications.
  • Maintaining tooth function until it is naturally exfoliating.
  • Superior flexibility.
  • Fracture resistance.

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