Electric MotorTurbo & handpiece E-asp1
Electric MotorTurbo & handpiece E-asp1

Eighteeth Electric Motor MotorTurbo & Handpiece E-ASP 1


Manufacturer: Eighteeth

Rs. 90,000.00

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Description of the item
  • Motorturbo
  • Light itensity adjustment
  • Memory programms switching (M1-M4)
  • Transmission ratio presets(1:5 1:1 16:1 20:1)
  • Forward/Reverse
  • Speed adjustment
  • Strong cutting power and stable torque output
  • 4 transmition ratio presets offer thr versatility to choose the right system to fit your treatment needs
  • The standard four-hole connector of main unit suitable for all types of dental chairs
  • 4 memory program presets monitor speed and direction
  • LCD touch screen and color display provide an intutive user interface to reduce time spent making adjustments
  • Reliable security alarm system
  • Long-lasting bruchless motor with a cooling system
  • More comfotable
    • A strong cooling system provides patients with a comfortable temperature in treatment
  • Longer lifetime
    • Bruchless DC motor lifespan is approximately 6 times higher than counter brushed DC motor
  • Quieter
    • Produce comparatively low operating noise as compared to other motors of the same ratings
  • More efficient
    • A very compact and small-sized bruchless DC motor provides maximum torque continuously during rotation
  • E-asp 1
  • LED fiber optics
    • Shines light directly during the preparation,improving visibility tremendously
    • Reduces visual fatigue and stress
  • Ergonomic design
    • Enhances grip for better control
  • Super strong push button chuck system
    • Enhanced bur retention and long-lasting reliability
    • Time saving and quick bur change
  • Durable components
    • Achieve long-lasting performance through repeated sterilization
  • Multi-port spray
    • Keeps the bur cool while whisking debris
Specification of the item

Motorturbo & E-asp 1


Electric Motor:

Display:LCD colour display
Dimension main unit:130 x 129 x 54 mm
Weight:600 g
Memory programms:M1-M4
Transmission ratio presets:1:5 1:1 16:1 20:1
Motor speed range:2000-40000 rpm
Motor torque:Max. 3.0 Ncm
Power cable length:1.5 m
Motor tail wire length:2 m

High-speed Handpiece:

Model Maximum allowable motor:E-ASP1
Speed(rpm):40000 rpm
Motor connector:Comply with ISO 3964
Chuck type:Push-button chuck
Bur dimension:Bur shank Ø 1.6 m
Optical fiber:Light guide glass
Cleaning/Sterilisation:Steam autoclave up to 135˚C

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